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The Battle of Kula Gulf
On July 5, 1943, Admiral William Halsey issued orders to Rear Admiral Walden Lee Ainsworth to intercept a "Tokyo Express" shipment of 2,600 Japanese reinforcement troops bound for Vila on the southern tip of Kolombangara. Ainsworth and his force would have to transit "The Slot", a narrow channel from the upper Solomon Islands through the New Georgia Island group. It was a dangerous route that ended in the enemy controlled waters of the Kula Gulf.
The Tugboats of D-Day
During World War II there we many acts of bravery showed from both sides of the conflict; from Oberleutnant Franz Stigler’s heroic act of escorting a crippled B-17 back to allied airspace and the evacuation of Dunkirk to the great naval battles at Midway and Guadalcanal. As well as these feats there were many great warships such as KMS Bismark, HMS Hood and USS Barb, the only submarine in history to sink a cargo train, to name a few. However, one ship, or better type of ship, is often overlooked – the humble Tugboat.
HMCS Haida, the “fightingest” ship in the Royal Canadian Navy
The Battle of Ushant, also called The Battle of Brittany, was a naval conflict which occurred on the night of June 8-9, 1944, between a destroyer flotilla with units from Britain, Canada and Poland, and a destroyer flotilla from Germany. This battle occurred three days after the landings at Normandy (D-Day).