About Us

Warship History is a collaborative project born from a passion for 20th century naval warfare. This period of history is utterly unique due in no small part to the enormous size and ambition put into the warships being put afloat – veritable steel monsters decked out with some of the largest artillery ever seen by man.

The fact that naval warfare on this scale will likely never be seen again, and that so few of the veteran ships of this iconic era are still left afloat, makes it our responsibility as naval history enthusiasts to preserve their memory in the best way we can: by documenting their stories.

We seek to create a database of original articles and materials relating to warships of the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Cold War era. In doing so, we strive for objectivity and historical accuracy in all of our posts. That being said, we rely on fans of naval history just like you to populate Warship History with engaging content for the greater world to see!